The Top 5 looloo Review Picks For September 2018


Starting this month, we’re going to be doing something new! Introducing (drum roll please!)… the looloo Review Picks of the Month!

This is how it will work. At the end of every month, the looloo team will pick five of their favorite reviews on the app. Once each member of the team has picked, we will feature the reviews in an article here on looloo iNSIGHTS!

Each member of the looloo team has his or her own reasons for choosing a review. But generally, they have to be well-written and should contain eye-catching photos. If you want to get featured in the future, better take note!

So to start off this monthly rundown, here are (in no particular order) our five looloo review picks for the month of September!

1. Midz S.’s looloo review of Hawker Chan

Hailed as the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, Hawker Chan opened its first ever Manila branch last July. Its prices are definitely on the wallet-friendly side with the signature Soya Sauce Chicken Rice priced only at ₱128!

Midz S.’s looloo review made our mouths water not just with her photos but with her detailed description of the 3 Combination Platter! Made up of char siew, roasted pork, and the soya chicken, Midz says it was hard for her to choose a favorite.

Photo from Midz S.’s looloo review of Hawker Chan

“I loved the nice crisp from the roasted pork’s skin, plus the saltiness that went so well with their chilli-ginger vinegar,” she describes. “The char siew was so flavorful and tender, and the soya chicken had this taste I haven’t gotten from any other ones I’ve tried before.”

Still wondering if Hawker Chan is value for money? For her, it’s a resounding yes! “All the calories I consumed (especially that huge cup of rice I almost finished) were all worth it. There isn’t anything I can complain about Hawker Chan,” Midz says. “The serving size, the price, and the quality of food are all greater than what you pay for.”

Photo from Midz S.’s looloo review of Hawker Chan

Midz also says that she eventually came back to Hawker Chan and finally decided on her favorite roasted meat. If you want to know what it is, go and read her review!

Hawker Chan can be found at these locations

2. Herl C.’s looloo review of Casa Felice

Thinking twice about going to the beach anytime soon? Well, let Herl C.’s looloo review of Casa Felice entice you and your barkada to change your mind and go to Tali Beach! We love getting travel reviews featuring accommodations tourists can stay in and hers is clear, straight to the point, and has really nice photos!

Photo from Herl C.’s looloo review of Casa Felice

Her review is also detailed, telling the reader what to expect in Casa Felice. “Casa Felice has 3 bedrooms with 2 beds each, which is actually good for 16 pax,” she says. “For the bathrooms, no need to queue because there are 4 inside with 1 bathtub in one of the rooms.”

Photo from Herl C.’s looloo review of Casa Felice

She also notes that while there is no swimming pool at Casa Felice and the beach is a 15-minute walk away, she really loved her stay!

Casa Felice can be found at Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas.

3. Jomarie A.’s looloo review of My Own Ramen

Contrary to common belief, a delicious bowl of ramen does not have to be expensive. As Jomarie A. says in her looloo review of My Own Ramen, “My Own Ramen is proof that yummy and affordable need not be mutually exclusive.”

Photo from Jomarie A.’s looloo review of My Own Ramen

The Customizable Tonkotsu Ramen, for example, will cost you ₱250, while the Chef Recommended Tonkotsu Ramen is priced at ₱300. “I loved how my bowl came with firm noodles, light yet flavorful soup, generous chashu slices, and a perfectly cooked tamago,” she says. “It’s happiness in a bowl!”

Photo from Jomarie A.’s looloo review of My Own Ramen

Her review also gives an instant five stars to My Own Ramen’s Wagyu Cubes! “It’s the first time that I encountered eating wagyu cubes with my ramen, and it actually works! The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of the wagyu cubes made us weak in the knees, and we both wanted more!”

Craving for ramen already? You know what to do!

My Own Ramen can be found at 1751 A. Mabini St., Malate, Manila.

4. Rusophotography P.’s looloo review of Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

Brevity is the soul of wit and that is very much true with Ruso Photography’s looloo review of Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse. His scoring system for the food, service, ambiance, and value for money make it easier for readers to gauge his experience. His review is straightforward and is peppered with dish recommendations that will make you want to just rush to Fat Daddy’s!

Photo from Rusophotography P.’s looloo review of Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

Getting his thumbs up are the Chicken Wings, which come in the following flavors: Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Salted Egg, Honey Sriracha and Classic Buffalo. Wondering which one to pick? Go for the Honey BBQ or the Salted Egg, which he describes as “nanunuot sa sarap”.

Photo from Rusophotography P.’s looloo review of Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

For dessert lovers, order the caramel-drizzled Banana Pudding, which he calls another “must try”!

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse can be found at the these locations.

5. Christina R.’s looloo review of ViTO

Italian food lovers should definitely make a beeline for ViTO the next time the cravings hit. An international franchise that can also be found in Japan and Australia, ViTO’s Manila branch opened just last February and can be found in Makati!

“The place is lovely,” Christina R. describes in her looloo review. “Floor to ceiling glass, brick lined walls, somewhat industrial vibe with the exposed shafts and beams, but still very warm and cozy with the decor.”

Photo from Christina R.’s looloo review of ViTO

ViTO’s pastas are a must try when you dine here, but if there’s one thing that was a sure hit for Christina, it was the pistachio gelato! “Fabulous!!!! Napaka sarap,” she shares. “Creamy. Smooth. Nutty. You can really taste the pistachio.”

Photo from Christina R.’s looloo review of ViTO

It’s too bad ViTO doesn’t sell the gelato in pints! It would be awesome to take some to go!

ViTO can be found at 2885 Finlandia St., Makati City.

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