14 Things Only People Who Eat Alone Will Understand


14 Things Only People Who Eat Alone Will Understand

Myth: Barkada dinners, office meriendas, Sunday lunches with the family… It’s always been widely accepted that eating is more of a social activity, best enjoyed with the company of others.

Fact: We can’t ALWAYS be around other people. #SepAnx

A lot of times, we end up having to dine alone, whether it’s by choice or out of necessity. Some people hate it, some people love it, but hey, it happens. For anyone who’s ever spent time alone at a restaurant, here are a few things that you can probably relate to!

1. Too many menu items. #TheStruggleIsReal

Choosing just one dish from 15 menu pages worth of food can sometimes feel like having to choose which One Direction or Girls’ Generation member you’d like to take out to dinner.

2. …but at least you can order whatever you’d like.

Extra rice, please!

3. You can never eat at a Chinese restaurant that isn’t Chowking.

Chinese restaurant serving sizes are never meant for just one.

4. …or buffet restaurants for that matter.

Well, technically you could, but it’d seem pretty sad. At least there’d be no one to judge you when you go for your 3rd round of steak and sushi.

5. Splitting the bill is as easy as 1… done!

Of course, that also means there’s a 0% chance someone else will be willing to pay for your dinner.

6. You can multitask and not be rude.

Forget phone-stacking, being alone means you can actually eat AND get stuff done.

7. Manners-schmanners… you can toss them out the window.

Put down the knife and fork, nobody’s watching. Burgers and pizzas are meant to be eaten with your hands.

8. Hot People-watching is always fun.

Nobody you know is around to give you weird looks for checking out the server with the cute butt.

9. A good book or music album can sometimes be a better coffee shop companion than your best friend.

No drama, no chismis, and no prying questions about your that fight you and your significant other just had… just you, a book, some music, and your favorite sandwich.

10. People can’t call you clingy.

“What, you’re ditching me? Okay, no worries. More food for me.”

11. Tables are easier to come across.

Even if you didn’t make a reservation, it’s a lot easier to score a small table or to find a vacant seat at the bar.

12. …but it sucks when the host goes “table for just one?”

Sometimes they say it like it’s a bad thing!

13. Often, the food just tastes better.

When you’re alone, you have a lot more time to savor the flavor of each bite. The only conversation that needs to be held is between the food and your taste buds.

14. It’s not lonely, it’s liberating.

Eating alone also gives you a lot of time to let your mind roam free for a while. As long as you’re not at some noisy bar or gastropub, that meal might just be the only time in the day you’ll actually get to hear yourself think.

If you haven’t tried to eat alone yet, you might want to give eating alone a try! You might just surprise yourself and find that the best eating buddy you’ve got… is YOU.

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