13 Things We Say When We’re Hungry And What They REALLY Mean


It’s a given that we need food to function. We need the energy to walk, talk, and go through our day-to-day activities. This includes brain function… and the ability to filter out what we say from what we really think. Robbed of food, hunger makes us just a liiiiiittle bit crazy.

Being the often non-confrontational pakipot folks we Filipinos are, when hungry, our mouths will say one thing, while our stomachs think (a sometimes less polite) another.

Based on our own experiences and actual hungry people confessions, we offer up our attempt to decode the meanings behind the things we say when we’re hungry.

Things We Say When We’re Hungry With Friends:

Things we say when we're hungry with friends

1. What we say: “Oooohh… Mukhang masarap yan ah!

What we really mean: That dish kind of looks better than what I ordered. You wouldn’t mind me taking a little piece off your plate, would you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Translation: “patikim naman!

2. What we say: “Gusto mo?

What we really mean: Sometimes it’s a genuine display of generosity. Other times? We’re just being polite. Get your own sandwich.

3. What we say: “Oh, who wants the last piece?”

What we really mean: Please don’t eat it. You guys are pretty full, right? Can I take it? Someone please say I can take it!

4. What we say: “Happy Birthday!”

What we really mean: So… kelan ka magpapakain? Libre daw kain ng birthday celebrants sa Vikings!

5. What we say: “San ka na?

What we really mean: We can’t order without you! #FriendshipOver if you’re not here in 10 minutes!”

Things We Say When We’re Hungry With Our Boyfriends/Girlfriends:

Things we say when we're hungry with boyfriend girlfriend

6. What we say: “Did you hear? Joey took Julia to Spiral for their anniversary!”

What we really mean: Her boyfriend took her there, why can’t you take meeeee? I thought you said you loved me!

7. What we say: “Babe, what a stressful day… I barely had time to grab lunch earlier.”

What we really mean: Please take me out. It’d better be somewhere good. Your treat.

8. What we say: “Does it look like I’m gaining weight?”

What we really mean: You’re screwed no matter what you say. Oh well, I’ve already ordered the double cheeseburger, there’s no turning back. I guess I’ll be needing new clothes!

Things We Say When We’re Hungry At Work:

Things we say when we're hungry at work

9. What we say: “Patapos ka na ba diyan?

What we really mean: I’m starving but I don’t want to eat alone. Come on, those spreadsheets can wait.

10. What we say: “Of course, I’d love the opportunity to attend the seminar. Thanks, boss!”

What we really mean: Will there be food? Please tell me it’ll be at Makati Shang.

11. What we say: “Do you think we could do a working lunch?”

What we really mean: Any chance we can reimburse it?

Things We Say When We’re Hungry At Home:

Things we say when we're hungry at home

12. What we say: “Ate, I heard you’re going to Cebu?”

What we really mean: You know they let you hand-carry food on the plane, right? Sooooo… exactly how much Cebu lechon can you fit in that duffel bag?

13. What we say: “Welcome home, dad! How was your trip”

What we really mean: Where’s my chocolate pasalubong?


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