Tori Ichi: The Hidden Japanese Restaurant In BGC That Serves Authentic Yakitori


If your favorite way to eat food is by biting them off a stick, then you’ve probably had your fair share of isaw, fishballs, barbecue, and banana cue. But you’re not ~truly~ living until you’ve tried yakitori (aka Japanese grilled meat and vegetable skewers)!

To open yourself up to the glorious world of yakitori, hit up Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar where you’ll find different variations of this popular Japanese food, all cooked the real Japanese way. Save lots of belly room because we guarantee you’ll be polishing off a ton of sticks!

Inside Tori Ichi, BGC

Inside Tori Ichi’s branch in BGC | Photo by Denise A.

Tori Ichi: a chill place to hang out, eat authentic yakitori, and enjoy JPop music

Anyone can skewer meat, cook them up, and call them yakitori. But Tori Ichi, a concept from Kyoto, Japan, cooks their yakitori the authentic Japanese way–by grilling them over binchotan or Japanese charcoal! The premium charcoal, which they import all they way from Japan, brings out the delicious smoky flavor of the meat.

There’s an overwhelming number of yakitori options on Tori Ichi’s menu but if you’re not sure which ones to choose, you can’t go wrong with their bestsellers. There’s the Yakiniku which gives you a stick of seasoned ribeye chunks. In his looloo review, Kwokie K. said that he loved the yakiniku for being tender, tasty, and not gummy!

Tori Ichi's Yakitori

Tori Ichi’s Yakitori | Photo by Reich T.

Another one of Tori Ichi’s crowd favorites is the Butabara or skewered pork belly. In his looloo review, Abe C. raved about this one, saying: “For Tori Ichi’s version, you can get either salted or with tare sauce (sweet n salty like our local bbq). OMG it’s soooo good. Either salted or with tare, I liked it a lot!”

Or if you want to try something that’s not your ordinary kind of yakitori, order up the Mochi Bacon-Wrapped Skewers. Rice cakes and meat may sound like an odd combo but it works!

Here’s what Denise A. had to say about it in her looloo review: “Never thought Mochi can be eaten in savory form. I liked this for the reason that it was really interesting to eat. Something new that you can’t find just anywhere!”

Tori Ichi's Yakitori Set

Tori Ichi’s Yakitori Set | Photo by Clarissa P.

Tori Ichi knows that you can’t just have one stick and stop there so they made Yakitori Sampler Sets to make sure you get full! Order up the Tomodachi (₱550) to get an assortment of ten sticks. If that’s not enough, go for the Meijin (₱950) which will give you double the amount of assorted sticks!

Tori Ichi's Yakitori Set

Tori Ichi’s Yakitori Set
| Photo by Clarissa P.

Aside from getting to enjoy countless yakitori variants, Tori Ichi’s chill ambiance is another thing that makes it a great place to hang out in with your squad. Its traditional decor is complemented by modern touches so its vibe doesn’t feel too old school. You also get to listen to JPop music as you eat!

Order up other Japanese dishes and drinks to go with your yakitori

Don’t put the menu down just yet–you should try out Tori Ichi’s other Japanese dishes too! The Tojidon, which gives you shrimp tempura and egg over rice, might be just what you need to complete the meal.

Or if it’s maki sushi you want to fill up on, there’s the Spicy Deep-Fried Tuna, a masterpiece of sushi rice, marinated spicy tuna, leeks, and sesame seeds wrapped in nori, dipped in batter, and then deep-fried to perfection.

Tori Ichi's Shake Kawa Maki

Tori Ichi’s Shake Kawa Maki | Photo by Mary Love S.

Another maki creation you can sink your teeth into is the Shake Kawa Maki, a combination of sushi rice, sesame seeds, crispy salmon skin, Japanese cucumber, and spicy mayo wrapped in nori and topped off with Japanese mayo.

Tori Ichi's Hokkigai Sashimi

Tori Ichi’s Hokkigai Sashimi | Photo by Clarissa P.

You can also feast on fresh ocean delights like the Hokkigai Sashimi or surf clam. Harvested from the deep, nutrient-rich waters of the Atlantic, they smell mildly of the sea and are delightfully soft to chew on! The Shimisaba or vinegar-pickled mackerel is another option for seafood lovers.

Tori Ichi's Shimisaba

Tori Ichi’s Shimisaba | Photo by Denise A.

With that much food, you’re going to need something to wash it all down with–like beer! You can get a Biru Bucket (contains six bottles of beer) for just ₱420. They also have other alcoholic beverages like sake and whisky!

Sake from Tori Ichi

Sake from Tori Ichi | Photo by Ruth S.

For more information on Tori Ichi, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar can be found at the following locations:

  • G/F Net Quad Bldg., 31st St. cor. 4th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
  • G/F North Parking, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay
  • Festival Alabang, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Ayala Malls The 30th, Ortigas Center, Pasig
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