7 Underrated Lagoons In The Philippines


The Philippines’ is home to some of the world’s most beautiful islands and beaches, with their powdery, bone-white sand, glass-like waters that come in various shades of blue and turquoise, and idyllic, middle-of-nowhere atmospheres. But what most people forget is that it also has lagoons that are just as worthy of your attention, money and time.

Photo from Herl C.’s looloo review for Twin Lagoons

You may already know the famous lagoons in El Nido and Coron, but here are underrated ones that can be noteworthy additions to your itinerary.

1. Matukad Lagoon (Caramoan)

Caramoan gained popularity locally and internationally because it was chosen as one of the locations for the hit show ‘Survivor’. This group of islands has a raw appeal because of its isolated location, towering rock formations, shores with fine sand, and clear waters.

Matukad Lagoon

Other than the usual beaches you see during island hopping, you’ll also see a beautiful lagoon. It is quite challenging to see it as you’d have to climb up pointy limestones and find your balance as there aren’t any platforms to stand on. However, after the short challenge, you’ll get to view the emerald waters and the fish swimming in the lagoon, surrounded by rock formations.

2. Tayak Lagoon/Lake (Caramoan)

Tayak Lagoon is a noteworthy destination because of its emerald waters and the towering limestones surrounding it. Swim in the waters, relax, unwind and just enjoy nature. Depending on when you visit, there will be very few people or your group may even be the only one in the lagoon.

Tayak Lagoon

How to get there:

Board a bus from Manila bound for Naga City; the fare is around ₱600-₱800. After the bus ride, go to the terminal and board a van traveling to Sabang Port; fare is ₱150. From Sabang, board boat bound for Guijalo Port in Caramoan; fare is approximately ₱120. From Guijalo, go to Bikal Port where you can go on an island hopping tour for around ₱2500-₱4000 which includes Tayak Lagoon/Lake and Matukad.

3. Paguriran Lagoon (Sorsogon)

Sorsogon has many attractions worth visiting, one of which is Paguriran Lagoon. The latter’s location is ideal, as it is near a white sand beach with accommodations and rock formations nearby. The lagoon is picturesque; with large rocks surrounding the emerald waters. Spend an afternoon swimming to combat the heat or climb up one of the rocks to get a sweeping view of the beach and the lagoon below.

Paguriran Lagoon photo from Jonas R.’s looloo review for Paguriran Island Beach Resort

How to get there:

There are regular buses that ply the route from Manila to Sorsogon City. Once in the city, go to the jeep terminal and board one bound for Sawanga; the fare is around ₱45 one way. Tell the driver that you’ll alighting at Paguriran.

4. Blue Lagoon (Maguindanao)

The Blue Lagoon in Maguindanao, a newly found attraction, is just as blue as the famous Enchanted River in Surigao minus the infrastructure and facilities for visitors. However, the lack of development adds to its mystical charm, as some locals say that the lagoon is enchanted. It is also the main source of drinking water for the nearby village. To see it at its bluest, visit Margues in the morning.

Blue Lagoon photo by Bino Chua

How to get there:

There are direct flights from Manila to Cotabato City, your jump off point to the Blue Lagoon in Maguindanao. From Awang, board a multicab traveling to Isulan and alight at Margues Elementary School; the fare is around ₱10. After alighting, you’ll need to go down a small road near the school which will lead you to the lagoon.

5. Laswitan Lagoon (Surigao del Sur)

Laswitan is a unique place because it has a bit of everything including waterfalls, a lagoon and picturesque rock formations. It comes as no surprise that is a popular destination for locals and tourists. During the right weather, the waves will be strong enough to spill over the surrounding rock formations. Enjoy swimming in the bluish pool which has shallow and deep parts, good for both experienced swimmers and those that just want to wade in the water.

Laswitan Lagoon photo from Kitz Saniel

How to get there:

There are flights from Manila to Surigao City or Butuan, both of which can be your jump-off point to the lagoon in Cortes. From either city, board a bus or van bound for Tandag and then alight at the Cortes junction. From the highway junction, you can hire a motorcycle to take you to Laswitan.

6. Homoron Blue Lagoon (Batanes)

This small but beautiful lagoon lies between cliffs on the island of Batanes. The Blue Lagoon was exclusively used by the Spanish during colonial times but fast forward to today, everyone can visit. The bluish waters will entice you to take a dip after taking several pictures.

Homoron Blue Lagoon photo from Paula O.

How to get there:

There are direct flights from Manila to Basco, Batanes. Once in town, you can hire a tricycle to take you to the lagoon; the fare is around ₱150. You can also include it in the South Batan tour for ₱1500/day.

7. Hidden Lagoon (Coron)

You may already be familiar with Coron’s and El Nido’s beautiful lagoons such as Twin Lagoon in the former, and the Big and Small Lagoons in the latter. All three are often in itineraries of island hopping tours from town. Their popularity comes as no surprise because of their azure and glass-like waters, raw appeal and surrounding limestone formations.

Hidden Lagoon in Coron

One underrated attraction in Coron is Hidden Lagoon which has similar traits compared to its more famous counterparts, minus the crowds of tourists coming and going. Swim in the emerald waters, take as many dives as you want using the boat as your diving platform or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

How to get there:

There are direct flights from Manila to Coron. Hidden Lagoon is part of one of the island hopping tours.

The Philippines isn’t just about beautiful beaches; visitors will also discover lagoons that will keep them wanting more. These destinations have blue, emerald and turquoise waters that will entice you to jump right in, and are surrounded by towering limestones that give it a raw but charming appeal. Add these underrated lagoons to your itinerary whenever you plan to travel around the country.

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