Where To Get Unlimited Samgyupsal And Bulgogi In Metro Manila


Have you ever wondered how Koreans eat so much (as seen on Kim Bok Joo, Do Bong Soon, The Legend of the Blue Sea, etc.) and stay so skinny?

Well, we don’t know the answer to that either. But what we do know is where you can stuff your face with A LOT of delicious samgyupsal and bulgogi, just like how they do it in K-dramas!

If you’re down for a Korean feast, we’ve listed down seven Korean restaurants in the metro where you can help yourself to unlimited grilled meat. Unless you’ve got crazy fast metabolism like the Koreans do, expect to gain a few pounds!

1. Don Day Korean Restaurant

Even before Korean food hit it real big in the Philippines, Don Day was already serving up unlimited Korean barbecue for cheap. And they’re still going strong despite the many other Korean restaurants that have popped up over the last two years! It’s only ₱499 for for their eat-all-you-can pork offering, and ₱599 if you want to indulge in beef. You can also add ₱75 if you want unlimited iced tea to help wash down all that meat.

Popular among Koreans and Filipinos alike, this restaurant gets packed very easily. So reserve ahead of time if you don’t want to end up hangry!

Don Day Korean Restaurant can be found at these locations.

2. Matgalne Korean Restaurant

If you want to get real stuffed, Matgalne is a great option for lunch or dinner. There are more than TWENTY side dishes for you to sample in the buffet spread, and that’s aside from the unlimited samgyupsal and bulgogi that the waiters serve straight to your table! According to Unisse C. in her looloo review, their cuts of pork and beef are the perfect size so they don’t take forever to cook and char. Plus they don’t scrimp on their servings of meat either!

For all of that food, you only need to shell out ₱499. It’s definitely a deal you wouldn’t want to want to miss out on!

Matgalne Korean Restaurant can be found at these locations.

3. Mokja Korean Restaurant

Not everyone likes both samgyupsal and bulgogi. If you prefer one over the other, Mokja allows you to choose between a samgyupsal buffet (₱299 for lunch and ₱349 for dinner) and a bulgogi buffet (₱399 for lunch and ₱449 for dinner). This way, you don’t have to unwillingly eat meat that you don’t like just because it was served to you. But if you love the two equally, you can have as much as you want of both for ₱449!

In her looloo review, Faith M. said that it’s best to come before they open at 12NN if you want to get good seats and enjoy all the side dishes because they tend to run out.

Mokja Korean Restaurant can be found on the 3/F of 80 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

4. Premier the Samgyupsal

According to Bernisse C. in her looloo review, there are a handful of good reasons why you should visit Premier the Samgyupsal. For one, it’s only going to cost you ₱599 to enjoy unlimited beef, pork, sides, and soup. Also, they serve great quality samgyupsal and bulgogi here! The slabs of pork are thick and well-marinated, while the beef strips don’t have annoying bones in them (a true sign of quality).

Open all around the clock, you now know which Korean restaurant to hit up if you ever find yourself with a samgyupsal / bulgogi craving in the middle of the night.

Premier the Samgyupsal can be found at 1720-A Mabini St. cor. Alonzo St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila.

5. Samgyupsalamat

While its name might have you cracking up, don’t pass Samgyupsalamat off as a gimmicky concept. People actually wait in line (sometimes for hours) just to enjoy their unlimited Korean barbecue! In her looloo review, Ava G. said that she was 37th in line but the long wait was worth it because she found the marinated meat surprisingly delicious. She even said it’s the best Korean restaurant in the Philippines for her so far!

Photo from Charlene C.’s looloo review for Samgyupsalamat

There are two types of buffets here. The Unlimited 1 gives you five kinds of pork while the Unlimited 2 includes nine kinds of pork and beef.

Samgyupsalamat can be found at these locations.

6. Shabu Yaki

Owned and managed by a Korean, Shabu Yaki gives off a very homey vibe that’ll make you feel comfortable from the get-go. But what will really make you want to stay are their buffets. You can go for either their unlimited shabu-shabu or eat-all-you-can samgyupsal and bulgogi (both are ₱500 per person). If you’re choosing the latter, you get to enjoy unlimited sides, rice, and soup as well to go with all that meat!

Photo from Bernisse C.’s looloo review for Shabu Yaki

In her looloo review, Unisse C. shared a helpful tip she learned from the restaurant. If you want to clean your grill, get a tong, grab some napkins with it, and use that to wipe away the oil!

Shabu Yaki can be found at these locations.

7. Sodam Restaurant

Sodam takes their unlimited samgyupsal and bulgogi offering VERY seriously. Once a waiter sees your grill empty, they’ll come up to your table and promptly present you with more meat. And they’ll just keep on going, and going, and going! For just ₱379 per person, it’s a pretty sweet deal. In her looloo review, Mei O. said that the pork and beef here are cut thinly, which is great if you’re hungry because they cook fast!

Photo from Chesicon V.’s looloo review for Sodam Restaurant

If you’re planning to try Sodam, do yourself a favor and make a reservation. This place is packed every single day of the week!

Sodam Restaurant can be found at 17 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila.

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