Village Tavern In BGC Is The Perfect Place To Eat, Drink, And Hang Out In This Friday


Friday is easily one of the best days of the week and we’ve come up with all sorts of ways to celebrate it. Some like to channel their inner sloths and have a lazy night in while some like to get a bit more adventurous and visit a place that’s not within the usual home-to-office radius.

But for some, the best way to mark the end of the week is with good food (a meal that takes more than just noodles and hot water to make), fun beverages (the kind that helps take the edge off), and great company (people who won’t judge you for how much you’re going eat and drink!)

If the latter sounds like a great idea to you, there’s a tavern-inspired restaurant in Manila where you can hole up in on a Friday night and cap the week off right!

Village Tavern: a rustic hideaway in BGC that serves American comfort food and drinks

While bars and clubs are everywhere in the metro, there aren’t a lot of Filipinos who can say they’ve hung out in a tavern before. But if you’ve always wanted to find out what it’s like to drink, eat, and be merry inside one, there’s Village Tavern.

Village Tavern, BGC, Manila

Inspired by the traditional taverns of the olden days, you get to feel relaxed and cozy in this rustic but elegant hideaway in BGC. With its warm, yellow lights, it’ll feel like you’re huddled up next to a fireplace, and with its walls adorned with murals of mountain ranges and lush greenery, you might just forget you’re still in the city. It’s a plus too that they have big, plush couches that make for an extra comfortable experience!

Just like any proper tavern should, Village Tavern serves up hefty portions of hearty food that can comfort anyone who’s weary or stressed out. They specialize in classic American fare like burgers, steaks, and bar chow, and they’re pretty skilled in concocting cocktails and specialty drinks, too!

Created as a neighborhood watering hole where guests can feel like they’re part of a community, everyone’s welcome to down some drinks or enjoy a meal at Village Tavern. You can bring your college squad, your office barkada, or your fellow titas / titos of Manila, or you can ditch everyone and just come on your own.

New platters and cocktails you need to order up at Village Tavern

While it does take after the old school taverns of the 1900s, that doesn’t keep Village Tavern from revamping their menu with brand new eats!

One of the recent additions to the Bar Plates section of the menu is Fresh Oysters, the perfect appetizer for those with sophisticated taste buds. You can have your helping of these delicious, briny half shells in plates of fours (₱350) or sixes (₱450).

If you’re with a big group of people and you need more than just oysters to feed the whole table, the new Appetizer Sampler (₱495) is the best thing to order up! A platter of this will give you a filling array of finger food like Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Prawns and Mango Quesadillas, Homemade Jalapeno Poppers, and French Fries.

Village Tavern's Appetizer Sampler

Village Tavern’s Appetizer Sampler

One more new inclusion you’ll find among Village Tavern’s Bar Plates is the Tavern Sampler (₱495), another great choice if you’re with a bunch of ravenous eaters! A platter of this combines generous portions of tasty munchables like Texan riblets, Chorizo and Goat Cheese Rolls, Habana Mexican-style Grilled Corn, and Tavern Nachos.

Village Tavern's Tavern Sampler

Village Tavern’s Tavern Sampler

Aside from their new bar chow samplers, Village Tavern also created a platter that puts their ultimate bestselling dishes together! Called the Old-Fashioned Southern Eats (₱1,895 for regular customers and ₱1,495 for Bistro cardholders), an order of this is equivalent to four pieces of Monterey Chicken, Full Texan Ribs, two pieces of Crispy Chicken Tacos, and Habana Mexican-style Grilled Corn.

Village Tavern's Old Fashioned Southern Eats

Village Tavern’s Old Fashioned Southern Eats

It’s not just the chefs who got busy creating new entrees though. The mixologists were at it too!

Some of the new cocktail drinks you can sip on are the Minted Mule, a combination of fresh mint leaves, honey, vodka, and ginger beer, the Painkiller Tiki, made with fresh mango puree, pineapple juice, Coco Real juice, and dark rum, and the Tavern Mai Tai, a mixture of rum, amaretto liqueur, lime juice, and honey. If you’re more into fruity, citrusy flavors, there’s the Georgia Peach and the Blueberry Mojito!

Village Tavern's New Cocktail Drinks

Village Tavern’s Minted Mule, Painkiller, Village Tavern L.I.T.

To cap off your filling meal in this homey tavern, why not bring home a box of their new Holiday Warm Butter Cake (₱425)? It’s soft, velvety, and melt-in-your-mouth on the inside, delicately crusted on the outside, and capped off with streusel crumbles, candied orange, and raspberry sauce for some extra pizzaz.

Village Tavern's Warm Butter Cake

Village Tavern’s Warm Butter Cake

Aside from being the perfect treat to munch on at home, this limited edition dessert makes for a great Christmas gift too! Be sure to call at least a day in advance if you want to place an order.

A Bistro cardholder? Here are some perks for you!

If you happen to have a Bistro card tucked away in your wallet, whip it out when you’re at Village Tavern to enjoy some cool perks! From opening time until 7PM everyday, you get to drink any of their cocktails for just ₱95 per glass!

Village Tavern's Georgia Peach and Triple Berry Cosmo

Village Tavern’s Georgia Peach and Triple Berry Cosmo

But even if you’re not a cardholder, there’s still something to look forward to. From 7PM to 9PM daily, they have free flowing Sangria for just ₱395!

For more information, you can check out Village Tavern’s website or Facebook page. You can also contact them through these numbers: 09778013624, (02) 621 4100, and (02) 975 4140.

Village Tavern can be found on the 2nd floor of Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave. cor. 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.

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