Perfect Destinations In Visayas For Solo Travelers


Traveling solo around the country provides you with a different perspective not just of the places you visit, but yourself as well. Whether you like mountains or seas, the Philippines has many idyllic, beautiful destinations to see. And many of them are ideal for travelers who like going on adventures alone. One such region that solo wanderers can enjoy is the Visayas!


Iloilo is a beautiful province on the island of Panay, with historical streets within its city and in the towns just outside of it. The UNESCO-listed Miag-ao Church is easily accessible using public transportation, making it budget-friendly if you’re traveling alone. A visit to the famous Gigantes Island is another must for those traveling to this part of the country.

Islas de Gigantes

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Renting a boat to Gigantes and its stunning lagoons on your own can be expensive so solo travelers need to be resourceful and friendly. This is the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and ask to join a group. This’ll help you make new friends and cut costs at the same time!


One of Leyte’s prime destinations is Kalanggaman Island. Solo travelers can get to this paradise with white sand and cerulean water even if they’re on a tight budget. You just have to be resourceful and extra friendly so you can have people share the expenses with you. There are tour boats that will take you to this island. Go on a weekend to increase your chances of finding a group to join.


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For solo travelers looking to meet like-minded individuals, Boracay in Aklan is the place to mingle. The island still has some of its natural charm despite its ongoing modernization. The number of bars and bar crawls on the island make for an epic night out after lazing around the beach, cliff diving at Ariel’s Point and watching the mesmerizing and iconic sunset.


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For solo travelers who want a bit of everything from delicious food, to culture, to nature, Cebu is the place to go to. This province provides you with opportunities to meet others who are also visiting the same attractions as you are while still allowing for enough alone time after the activities.

Virgin Island Beach in Bantayan, Cebu

Virgin Island Beach in Bantayan, Cebu

Bantayan Island is the place to go to if you want to relax, unwind and beach bum. Solo travelers will love the idyllic atmosphere of the small villages, the swaying trees, the gentle breeze and the beautiful, white, powdery sand beach. It’s the type of destination where you can simply sit down, read a good book and enjoy solitude within the comforts of a beachfront accommodation.

If you want to meet others, there are also other backpackers who might share the same interests with you on the island.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls, a popular canyoneering destination in Southern Cebu | Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review for Kawasan Falls

For solo travelers who have a thirst for adventure, canyoneering in Cebu is the activity you shouldn’t miss out on. Traveling alone can be expensive, especially if you want to do certain things like this. Since canyoneering is a popular activity in this province, there is a good chance that you can join another group to share the experience and expenses with. It is also the perfect opportunity to make new friends you can plan future trips with.


Siquijor is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines so you can actually go around the whole island in just a couple of hours on a motorbike. Solo travelers will enjoy this destination because of its powdery, white sand beaches and mirror-like waters, especially in spots like Salagdoong Beach and San Juan Beach. (Salagdoong also gives you the chance to jump off a platform and plunge into crystal clear, bluish waters!)

Cambugahay Falls is another famous attraction on the island. This comes as no surprise because it has beautifully tiered falls with blue waters and low cliffs to jump off from. You can also use the natural swing to dive into the pool. Other noteworthy destinations to add to your itinerary while exploring are the old churches of St. Francis de Assisi and Maria, the ancient balete tree, Capilay Spring Park and Kagusuan Beach. If you’re alone, the best way to explore Siquijor is on a motorcycle. But if you don’t know how to drive one, you have the option to rent a tricycle with a driver for a day.

There are a handful of accommodations for solo travelers who want to have their own room, as well as newly opened hostels for those who want to meet others.


Antique isn’t as popular as its neighbouring province, Aklan. But for solo travelers who want alone time or just simply want to take a break from the crowds and parties, Antique’s idyllic towns and less commercialized attractions are what they need. A couple of hours from Caticlan Port or Kalibo, Tibiao and Culasi provide you with cerulean waters, verdant hills, unforgettable views and a serene environment.

Kawa Bath

Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao | Photo from Jay R.’s looloo review for Kayak Inn

Make Mararison Island, a paradise with turquoise waters, fine sand and a beautiful view of the environment, your first stop. After this excursion, visit Tibiao to try the fish spa and hot kawa bath.

There are many different types of solo travelers. Some prefer alone time to gather their thoughts, contemplate or read a book, while others are more outgoing and like to meet other people during their travels. And then there are those who just want to find groups to share expenses with. Regardless of which category you fall under, the Visayas has many destinations and attractions for those who want to travel alone.

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