Love Nature, Art, And Photography? Visit Pinto Art Museum In Antipolo!


The province of Rizal has been very popular these days. For those who love the outdoors, not only is it easily accessible from Manila, it’s also home to different mountains of varying levels of difficulty.

But who says Rizal is just all about mountains?

For those who seek a day out of the bustling noise in the city, there’s place in Rizal, specifically in Antipolo, where you can appreciate both nature and art.

If you haven’t seen photos of this place on your Instagram feed just yet, this hidden gem is called Pinto Art Museum. Opened to the public in 2010, we put together a solid list of reasons why you should visit this beautiful museum.

1. The entire museum is very Instagram-worthy!

Pinto Art Museum is situated at the heart of Silangan Gardens, keeping it away from city noise. The minimalistic museum has a Mediterranean-inspired architectural design that will captivate every Instagrammer’s heart!

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Photo from Migs C.’s looloo review for Pinto Art Museum

Every side of Pinto Art Museum is carefully crafted with fine details by Antonio Leaño, the museum’s designer and director. There is definitely no dull place when inside the museum. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get a stunning picture of the place. No wonder the museum is such a popular site for photo shoots!

Instagram-worthy Pinto Art Museum

Unlike your usual museum, the structure of the Pinto Art Museum is an open space adorned with artworks either hanging on the wall or placed on a stand. The museum has wide wooden doors so air can freely flow inside while visitors enjoy observing the artworks. People can also relax and enjoy the peaceful environment as there are available couches and even beds displayed outside.

2. You’ll see and appreciate contemporary Filipino art.

Pinto Art Museum has six galleries that showcase contemporary artworks made using different media by local artists like Mark Justiani and Jose John Santos III to name a few. From sculptures to paintings to even dioramas and mobiles, you’ll encounter a wide variety of art forms.

Contemporary Filipino Art, Pinto Art Museum

Photo from Muffy T.’s looloo review for Pinto Art Museum

Dr. Joven Cuanang, the curator and owner of the museum, is a passionate supporter of local contemporary art. He gladly shared his collections with the public, allowing more people to appreciate and value our local art industry.

Inside Pinto Art Museum

In Tagalog, the word “pinto” means “door” in English. The museum’s name reflects the wide doors in the museum that leads to different galleries. Each gallery has different themes that portrays powerful messages. There are guided tours around the museum but you can easily enjoy the tour even without a guide.

3. It beautifully combines both art and nature.

For art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photographers, Pinto Art Museum is heaven. The curator’s showcase of artworks does not stand out by itself, but instead are incorporated well with its environment, creating a calm and refreshing atmosphere.

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Photo from Nikka A.’s looloo review for Pinto Art Museum

Since the museum has become very popular, the ideal time to visit the museum is early in the afternoon. During this time, you can appreciate the clear blue skies, and lush green scenery.

4. They have cafes!

Taking pictures and strolling around the galleries in the museum can get tiring. Thankfully, there are two cafes you can hit up for a quick break or to cap your visit.

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Your view from Cafe Tan-Aw

Cafe Tan-Aw offers a wide selection of quality food made from the finest ingredients. While eating, you can still enjoy the view of the museum and the surroundings. Make sure you try one of their signature dishes, their California maki called the Fire Cracker.

Pinto Cafe, Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Cafe is another place you can visit – you can find one near the entrance and another near one of the galleries.

5. It’s just an hour or two away from Manila.

Antipolo, Rizal is located outside, but near Manila. Travel time takes about one to two hours. The museum itself is situated at 1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. The museum is accessible and commuting wouldn’t be a problem.

Inside Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Photo from Norman Lester T.’s looloo review for Pinto Art Museum

From Manila, you may ride a jeepney going to the LRT 2 Santolan Station. Ride a jeepney that will take you to Antipolo Church, and finally, ride a tricycle to get you to Pinto Art Museum.

Another option is to ride an FX bound for Antipolo then ask the driver to drop you off at Ynares Sports Arena. From there, you can hire a tricycle to get you to Pinto Art Museum. The museum is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

6. Entering the museum is very affordable.

Entrance fee to the Pinto Art Museum is affordable! You can enjoy an all-day pass for as low as ₱200. For senior citizens and students (bring your I.D), the rates are ₱180 and ₱100, respectively. Children 3 years old and below can come for free!

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Photo from Cindy S.’s looloo review for Pinto Art Museum

For more details, you can visit Pinto Art Museum’s Facebook Page.

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