Why You Should Date A Foodie


We’ve all heard the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Aside from being slightly sexist (what, girls don’t eat??), it doesn’t really tell you why you’d want to date a food-lover in the first place.

Foodies make great partners, and here are a few reasons we believe it’s true.

1. To them, FOOD > Diamonds or Video Games.

Why you should date a foodie - donut rings

Diamonds Donuts are a girl’s best friend. | Photo from notonthehighstreet.com

Okay, maybe not diamonds. Still, date a foodie and you’ll find that their language of love is one that speaks through the romance of food and everything that comes with it.

They’ll appreciate long dinners at your favorite restaurants much more than a simple bouquet of flowers you sent over. They’d rather spend time sharing some take-out in bed, than having all-nighters with their XBox. A fun afternoon for them is getting in the car and driving to the nearest S&R to get some pizza after helping you with the groceries. Good food often goes hand in hand with good company, and as long as you’ve got one, the other should follow.

Oh, and yes, burgers and pizza are waaaaay cheaper than jewelry/new basketball shoes. Just thought we’d throw that out there.

2. They won’t judge your binge-eating when you need to unwind (but will help you diet when you want to).

Why you should date a foodie - ice cream

No judging.

So you had a tough week at work and all you want to do is crash on your bed with a tub of ice cream. Your foodie significant other knows how you feel. He’ll even go out and buy you the chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

Foodies understand that what you eat can affect your mood. Sometimes you NEED some cookie dough or cupcakes to get you through a rough time, and they get that. When you’ve finally come out of your slump and are ready to throw your stretchy pants back into storage, they’ll be the first one to show support for your new diet — they’ll even take you out for some Go! Salads or Juju Eats for some greens the very next day.

3. They’ll probably learn how to cook for you… and hopefully look good in an apron.

Why you should date a foodie - sexy

Sexy. | Photo from lionsdenu.com

If your partners are true foodies, they know that it’s more than just knowing what the hottest restaurants are. They appreciate food and know that the effort that chefs and cooks put into their dishes is worth more their price on the menu. They take this to heart and will at least try to learn how to cook your favorite dishes for you. That extra bit of TLC is an ingredient you won’t find at even the fanciest fine dining joints out there.

For extra special occasions, you’ll hear the three words most people want to hear… “I cooked dinner.” Things get even better further down the road. Should things work out between you two, you’ll be happy you’ve got a partner who can present more than just canned tuna or store-bought pancakes for breakfast in bed.

4. Over-ordering may be an issue, but hey, they’ll always share their food.

Why you should date a foodie - the moves

Classic move.

Because your significant gets way too excited when trying out new food, he or she will have a tendency to order way too much at a restaurant. Sure, you’ll end up with a lot of leftovers (not always a bad thing if reheating what you took home last night isn’t an issue for you), but at least you’ll get to try a lot of new things.

Once the first few dates’ best-foot-forward mentality has faded, you’ll find that most foodies won’t mind you eating off of their plates. Sharing a dish with you might just be their idea of “having a moment” a la Lady and the Tramp.

5. They make awesome travel companions.

Why you should date a foodie - picnic in Paris

Foodies are on a lot of people’s lists for best travel companions, and for good reason. This is especially true for romantic getaways… think freshly-baked croissants by the Eiffel tower, Italian gelato while on a gondola in Venice, heck, maybe even a couple of chori burgers in Boracay, with a calamansi muffin from Real Coffee to share.

Whether it’s a candlelit dinner on the beach, or the meticulously-prepared snacks for the bus ride there, having a foodie travel companion to take care of you is great. It also means you’re less likely to have to put up with airport food. Ugh.

6. They’re thoughtful and spontaneous, and at the end of the day will always know what you like.

Why you should date a foodie - love bento

Now THIS is effort… say it with a bento box. | Photo from beneficial-bento.com

People who love dining out and trying new food are not only a lot more discerning (they probably read looloo reviews!), they’re usually more thoughtful as well — both when it comes to their choice of restaurant, and with the actual setting up of the date as well.

Should a foodie you’re dating ask, “so what’s your favorite cuisine?”, you can be sure he or she will remember. For your regular dates, a different restaurant each week will keep you on your toes. Maybe you’ll try Yugoslavian food one week, Argentine another. On your birthday though, expect nothing but the best. Love Spanish? He’ll have made reservations at Vask or Las Flores a month before. Love… everything? She’ll have no qualms about getting a table for two at Spiral!

Take some time today to be thankful for your foodie boyfriend/girlfriend (maybe even share and tag them in this post!). If you’re currently on the lookout for one, we wish you the best of luck! Even if you’re not, remember…

Only food has no end

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